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Antonio Scarponi: Impact through design || 27.06.2017, Cabaret Voltaire || Open talk

Cultural Devices: Models of Design and Design of Models. The Zurich Perspective

How can we co-produce Social Impact by researching through Design and the Arts?

After the International Days of Deans and Experts summit Impact Through Design (Barcelona, April 2018) and the Open Talks in Torino, Marseille, Barcelona, Matera and Roma (see here), the city of Zürich will host the first Open Talk focused on Social Impact through Design and the Arts, according to the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals. Designers, Architects, Change makers, Artists and Curators of the Zürich cultural eco-system will reflect together to explore the thematic focus “Cultural Devices: Models of Design and Design of Models. The Zurich Perspective”.
The open talk is moderated by Arianna Mazzeo, Professor of Design Research and Contemporary Practices. Visiting Professor at Harvard and Antonio Scarponi, Architect, Conceptual Devices, Principal and IAD Lecturer.

Antonio Scarponi, Architect, Conceptual Devices, Principal an IAD Lecturer, ZHdK
Simona Scarpaleggia, CEO Ikea Switzerland
Michael Krohn, Professor, ZHdK, Head Master of Arts in Design, Deputy Head Department of Design
Laura Orestano, General Director, CEO of SocialFare, Center for Social Innovation, Torino, Italy
Eleonora Stassi, CuratorCurating Post Migration implicates the creation of agonistic public spaces
Angeli Sachs, Head of Master of Arts in Art Education, Curatorial Studies, ZHdK/Curator, Museum für Gestaltung Zurich
Daniel Hauser, Artist Collective RELAX (chiarenza & hauser & co), Head of art studies at F+F Zurich.

_Date: Wed 27th June 2018
_Time: 8:30 pm - 20:00 pm
_Where: Cabaret Voltaire, Spiegelgasse 1, 8001 Zürich
_Tickets: here.

The event is co-produced by:
ELISAVA | Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, Barcelona
SocialFare | Center for Social Innovation, Torino

In collaboration with:
Zurich University of the Arts
IKEA Switzerland