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Scale up! Scale down! Enhancing everyday experiences through virtual reality

Patent granted: «Detecting and Evaluating Movements of a User»

ZHdK Sommeratelier 2017 mit Interaction Design-Workshop

For Interaction By Interaction

Video in the Social Design Process

BA Enrolement 2017

Join our Interaction Design BA program at ZHdK!

IAD at Lichtcampus Hildesheim

Open Food Data Hackdays, ZHdK, 10. und 11. Februar 2017

WORLD IA DAY 2017 am 17. - 18. Februar 2017, Zürich

Portfolio Preview 2017

Lenzerheidner Zauberwald 2016

Lenzerheidner Zauberwald 2016

Karmen Franinović: «Forschende Lehre», Keynote an der UDK Berlin


Tag der Forschung 2016

SOLO am Laokoon-Festival

Infotag Design

Phono-Luminous Paper

ZHdK Day & ZHdK Night 2016

Sonic Playgrounds at Audio Mostly 16

Workshop at Audio Branding Academy


Diplomausstellung MA & BA

Nebula Exhibition

UX Camp

International afternoon - Whose learning?

Informatiktage 2016

Grafik 16

A MAZE Festival Berlin

CAS Design Thinking

Fluid Morphologies

Object Experience

INFOTAG 20.11.15