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"Extinction / I'm still here" Interaction in a transdisciplinary dance performance

During this collaborative workshop, students developed a concept for a live performance together professional performers and choreographer Saar Magal. Students from the 2nd and 4th semester used motion tracking methods to augment the movements of the performers through projected visuals.

The resulting work from the students is a part of a larger piece that deals with the topic of the Anthropocene, an epoch where humans have become the most influential geological and environmental agent on Earth.

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Tu 20.03.2018 20:00

We 21.03.2018 20:00

Fr 23.03.2018 20:00

Sa 24.03.2018 20:00

So 25.03.2018 18:00


Workshop Leaders: Saar Magal & Luke Franzke


Alessa Gassmann

Aurelian Ammon

Carlo Natter

Ismael Möri

Janina Tanner

Pascal Jeker