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It´s all just air - Symposium

Friday, 12.05.2017 at 11.10
Kunstraum 5.K12 (floor 5), ZHdK

We are always in interaction with air. Omnipresent and immersive, the air defies the boundaries of our outside and our inside. With the «It’s all just air» symposium, we explore immersive and creative experiences with air. Our focus is on interfacing ourselves to air theories and air phenomena as they occur in the environment and becoming an active participant in their airy processes.

We will open up experiments and discussions through different perspectives on the phenomena of air. We are pleased to welcome a number of researchers from the variety of disciplines including arts, environmental science, singing, engineering, literature and physics.


11.10 Welcome

_PART 1. Immersed in Air

11:15 Our atmosphere: Introduction, Clemens Schwingshackl

11.35 Air between Bachelard and Vernadsky, Roman Kirschner

11.55 Our atmosphere: Human influence, Quentin Lejeune (ETH Climate on Biosphere)

12:15 Lunch break

_13:30 Experimental Session I

Smoke Balloons. Clemens Winkler, Karmen Franinović and Moritz Kemper

Kites. Florian Wille

Wind Periscope. Cocky Eek

14:30 Coffee break

_PART 2. Creating with Air

14.45 Pneumatology, Cocky Eek

15:15 Designing with Air, Fynn Freyschmidt

15:30 Coffee break

_15:45 Experimental Session II

On Bernoulli's experiments, Marco Miranda

Aero, Cyril Jacomet

Inflatable Windtunnel, Mirjam Steiner

Yodelling. Meret Weilenmann

17.00 Apéro

Organised by Interaction Design, ZHdK.

Supported by Gebert Rüf Stiftung, Science Toys, Science Tools project.