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Embodied Interaction researches social and phenomenological aspects of situated and embodied experience. We explore and develop novel interactive materials and context-aware devices. These enable us to create responsive environments and mobile services that are sustainable and engage with collective and personal stories.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Karmen Franinovic, Head of Interaction Design


Integrated System for Empowerment of Arm Rehabilitation

Sonic Playgrounds

STST = Science Toys : Science Tools

Basic Interaction Design for Networked Artifacts

Evaluation of Feedback-Systems in automated Gait Training

Soft Actuators for Shoulder Rehabilitation

Spaces of Attention (Räume der Aufmerksamkeit)

Activity boosting Interaction in Neurologic Gait Training


Enactive Environments

Robjects for Children

SID Cost

Arm Coach

Responsive Environment for Stroke Rehabilitation



Sonic Interaction Design

Closing the Loop of Sound Evaluation and Design