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Interaction Design Process

This course explores questions and methods that are at the core of interaction design practice. Video Scenarios are used as a prototyping technique. Interaction Design Process focuses on the design of interactive experiences. This course provides practical methods to suit specific design situation: Context / User Inquiry, Design Anthropology, Video Interaction Analysis, Concept Generation, Video Prototype Development and Video Scenario. Video has become central topic and important method in the human-centered design process, helping to analyse user needs and to concisely communicate complex design solutions.

Students learn about interaction design methods and how to structure the design process for different projects or levels of development. They develop design concepts for a product, a service or an event. Following different design phases of observation, creation, and evaluation we will discuss and apply situated and people-centered methods with creative design practice (eg. bodystorming, context analysis, video scenarios, prototypes). In addition, inputs will be given about video production (narrative, shooting and editing techniques).


Lecturers: Karmen Franinovic, Martin Feuz, Nicole Foelsterl